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{May 28, 2012}   What I’ve Learned at 33…

Since my birthday, dear friends, I’ve been thinking about a piece of writing… I want to share this…What I’ve learned over the last 33 years of my life. So here it is…

1. Our news is given to us through a lens. We should all be responsible enough to listen to and watch the news with intelligence and not just believe everything we hear.
2. Your heart will heal.
3. Courage is rewarded.
4. Fight procrastination. The win is well worth every agonizing second of work.
5. I will always love Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was my hero as a teenager and as a young twenty-something. But now I’ve judged him. I don’t want a man with THAT particular weakness. Arnold, you made me strong. But ultimately, your penis made you weak. Somehow though, I’ll always admire you.
6. Which leads me to…Even good people let you down. And you let people down, too. It doesn’t mean neither of you are good. It means love includes pain, and that is all part of the experience.
7. You attract your friends and they are a reflection of who you are…so if they’re amazing…congratulations.
8. Friendship is perennial…so again, congrats.
9. Sex is a blast but can be quicksand. Keep your eyes open and don’t let it rule your decisions.
10. Letting go IS the easier way out. So why is it so difficult? Because we have to face the truth, which is only pretty when we’re strong enough to see it as such.
11. I need people and that’s ok. They need me too.
12. You don’t grow out of chick flicks, at least not at 33 years old. And you still hope for the happy ending. The happy ending is not as elusive as you think.
13. We all know we should be grateful. So stop complaining and start praying.
14. Our experiences are not just for our life but also for those around us. Everyone benefits. But just knowing that we’re not alone makes the difficulties of life easier. And if your sadness or anger feeds another’s life, your stock just went up.
15. Facebook may make you feel popular, but real friends go the extra mile when you’ve flown 1000 miles to see them.
16. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t love someone in the same way they love you. Be grateful when someone loves you that much and understand when someone doesn’t love YOU that way. It’s not their fault, nor is it yours. Be grateful for the experience regardless.
17. Los Angeles is home. Ohio is home. CT was home.
18. Home is where the heart is.
19. People can both judge you and yet, surprise you.
20. Sometimes your friends don’t mix with each other and it’s not your fault. You are multi-faceted…and those sides of yourself don’t always jive with one another.
21. I shouldn’t get credit for some shit I should already be doing. I don’t like being praised for calling my family or spending time with a sick friend. I should do that anyway and praise makes me feel like a fraud.
22. Grad school is awesome.
23. Get over it. Move forward and find something great. Let go. Let go of regret. Time to move forward. There’s nothing wrong with that.
24. If you can’t be with your amazing family, channel happiness into the world on their behalf. It strengthens your bond.
25. Break-ups happen and they break you. They deflate you and make you suffer. But one day you’ll wake up and be amazed by how much you’ve grown. And somehow, you’re no longer afraid.
25. It’s out there, waiting for you.
26. Pain makes life beautiful. Let yourself cry…and connect to those offering you a big hug.
27. Buying a homeless woman dinner makes BOTH of you happy.
28. The ocean heals ALL.
29. Fire both warms and burns.
30. We have the choice of lens through which we view the world. Pick an open one.
31. Smile and say, “thank you.” OFTEN.
32. As a man thinketh…
33. I’m lucky to have lived to this age. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead…

And for next year…”Here’s to Another Year…”


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